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  • Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve Proposed

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    “Today’s action by British Prime Minister David Cameron will protect the true bounty of the Pitcairn Islands — the array of unique marine life in the surrounding pristine seas,” said National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala, head of the Society’s Pristine Seas project. “Our scientific exploration of the area revealed entirely new species as well as an abundance of top predators like sharks. It was like traveling to a new world full of hidden and unknown treasures, a world that will now be preserved for generations to come.”

  • Warmer Ocean Waters Possible Cause of Sea Lion Crisis on West Coast


    Since 2015, over 1,200 California sea lions have been calling rehabilitation centers home across the state. In Sausalito’s Marine Mammal Center, more than 400 sea lions have been admitted, with others in the hospital recuperating. Experts are of the belief… Read More ›

  • Gulf Stream Weakening Could Impact Weather and Marine Ecosystems

    The Atlantic Conveyor -- a graph of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. Credit: Stefan Rahmstorf/PIK

    Editor’s Note:  Neptune 911 has included several videos that include animations of the Atlantic overturning system and scientific workshops. The Atlantic overturning is one of Earth’s most important heat transport systems, pumping warm water northwards and cold water southwards. Also… Read More ›

  • Supercomputer Shows How Ocean Captures Carbon

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    The ocean sink for carbon won’t be able to keep up with what humans and nature are emitting. “Carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning is far greater than capacity of oceans to take it up. We are sort of doubling the carbon in the atmosphere on a time scale of 100 years,” he said. “The carbon uptake into the ocean is on the scale of 1,000 years or 10,000 years.”
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  • Seabird Count Drops in Gulf of Alaska

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    U.S. Geological Survey experts found the seabird population density declined 2 percent annually from 1975 to 2012 in the northeast North Pacific, said John Piatt, research wildlife biologist at the USGS Alaska Science Center.

  • A Short Winter for the Arctic

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    (Reuters) – Arctic sea ice this year is the smallest in winter since satellite records began in 1979, in a new sign of long-term climate change, U.S. data showed on Thursday. The ice floating on the Arctic Ocean around the… Read More ›

  • Rescuing Entangled Stellar Sea Lions


    Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpted report from the Times Colonist, “Human discards mean slow torture for B.C.’s marine mammals.”   Highlighted portions by Neptune 911. Marty Haulena positions himself atop a federal fisheries patrol boat, his CO2-powered dart rifle… Read More ›


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