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Radioactivity in Pacific Ocean from Fukushima?

A recent report in The Guardian, “US sailors prepare for fresh legal challenge over Fukushima radiation,” appears to confirm radioactive releases that were not originally reported by the nuclear power plant’s owners. Similar stories give fair rise to concerns about subsequent radioactive pollution in the ocean.

Acidic Oceans and the Lobster, Scallop, & Crab Industry

Today, experts predict pH declines in the world’s oceans of .4 units by the end of this century—a mere 85 years from now.

The oceans absorb over a quarter of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The more we pollute, the more they absorb, and the more acidic they become. It’s unlikely that some marine life that we depend on will be able to adapt to a rate of acidification that is over ten times as fast as during the PETM.


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