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  • Cornwall Marine Litter Swells

    C. Coimbra photo

    “Every beach surveyed we found beach litter on. Northumbria University sampled a random litre of sand and found over ten thousand microscopic plastic particles present. Litter is being found consistently in sea bed surveys – all the way out as far out as the continental shelf – over a million seabirds and a hundred thousand sea mammals will die every year from ingestion and entanglement. We need to reduce the amount of marine litter by 50%.”

  • Successful Birth Year for Hawaiian Monk Seal

    Hawaiian Monk Seal. Wikipedia Commons

    Hawaiian monk seals had 121 new pups in 2014, according to scientists with the U.S. Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program (HMSRP). And since only 1,200 of the critically endangered marine mammals are left in the wild, that means this year’s… Read More ›

  • A Whale’s Fluke of Identity

    Humpback Whale Fluke. C. Coimbra photo

    Editor’s Note: The following post on the “Whale Savers” from the Christian Science Monitor, is posted in part. It is a lengthy article, and we encourage readers to link to the original report (The Whale Savers) The photos posted here… Read More ›

  • Sea Stars Continue Die Off

    seastar wasting

    SITKA, AK — It’s early morning in southeast Alaska. Stars have yet to fade from the night sky. A group of scientists sets out in search of a different kind of star. Sea stars, commonly known as starfish, have been… Read More ›

  • Southern Hemisphere Oceans ‘Warming Quickly’

    C. Coimbra Photo

    Durack and Lawrence Livermore colleagues worked with a Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist to compare ocean observations with ocean models. They concluded that the upper levels of the planet’s oceans — those of the northern and southern hemispheres combined — had been warming during several decades prior to 2005 at rates that were 24 to 58 percent faster than had previously been realized.

  • A Dumpster of Derelict Nets


    Ghost nets (derelict nets) , the abandoned or lost nets from fisheries worldwide, is a subject that was the beginning of this blog, Neptune 911. According to a recent post in NOAA’s Marine Debris Log, the agency’s ghost (net) busters,… Read More ›


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